Hello! We are students of a secondary school called IES La Mallola. Can we ask you some questions, please?

1- What do you like most of Barcelona?
The Nacional Art Museum

2- Do you like Catalonian food?
Yes, I do

3- Have you seen the FCBarcelona stadium?
No, I haven't

4- Do you find the street artist in the Ramblas look nice or aggressive?
Well, I think is ok

5- What is your favourite monument in Barcelona?
The Cristopher Columbus Statue

6-Do you like Barcelona? Or is there something in the city that you dislike?
Yes. Traffic

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Mª Dolores ha dit...

The answer to question 5 is:
"The Cristopher Columbus Statue"
Can you still correct that for tomorrow?

ana ha dit...

Thanks you Dolores :)

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